Box & Valley Gutters

GRP Fibreglass is the ideal alternative to replace lead, valley or box gutters
Modern lead starts to fail after 20 years and is very desirable to thieves. GRP is much more reliable and cheaper than lead.

GRP Box & Valley Gutters Weymouth, Dorset

GRP Roofing install GRP Fibreglass valleys and box gutters. GRP Fibreglass is ideal for replacing lead valley or box gutters or as part of a new build roofing project. Valley gutters are usually where two main roofs meet or where there is a change in the direction of the roof GRP Fibreglass offers a seamless, cost effective and long lasting solution which makes it an ideal solution to existing lead valleys or box gutters.


GRP Fibreglass is an ideal replacement for lead valleys or box gutters because of its strength and durability. GRP Roofing can replace existing box or valley gutters or install for new builds. As GRP is less expensive than lead it makes it an ideal alternative to modern lead coverings. GRP Fibreglass also offers a solution to he problem of other coverings such as lead which are prone to theft and also GRP does not need steps in the box gutters (for expansion) which lead does and also GRP does not have the associated problems with felt coverings such as bubbling, splitting and sun damage. Our previous work also includes a project at the Cargo Centre at Manchester International Airport.

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